This is a new marine ticket under the Exemption 38 – Marine Safety (Low complexity duties) Exemption 2015

To obtain this qualification the applicant must;

      • Be at least 16 years when the exemption is obtained; and
      • If carrying passengers hold a first aid certificate of at least HLT Health Training Package unit of competency Provide first aid; and
      • If operating radio equipment is on board the vessel, hold at least a Marine Radio OperatorsVHF Certificate of Proficiency issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority or an equivalent qualification approved by the National Regulator; and
      • Meet the same medical and eyesight requirements in Chapter 4 (Medical and eyesight requirements) of Part D of the NSCV that apply for a Coxswain Grade 2 Near Coastal certificate of competency, except for Division 4.4 Eyesight (colour- vision); and
      • After meeting all other requirements for the certificate – pass a final assessment


Exemption 38 is for limited maritime operations that undertake low complexity duties with operators having the following restrictions:

1. Operate during daylight hours only

2. Command a vessel <12m long and operate propulsion power for an inboard engine <100kW or outboard engine <250kW

3. Carry passengers only in the following places and areas:

o marina operations and a mooring areas in sight of the marina;

o inland waters;

o any waters in a tender or auxiliary that are within 1nm from a parent vessel and in sight of and in communication with the parent vessel;

o any other waters approved by the National Regulator.

4. Without carrying passengers only in the following places or areas:

o places and kinds of water in Point 3 above;

o smooth waters, including inland waters;

o any waters within 1nm from each point of departure and within 1nm of the coast

o any waters of an aquaculture lease approved by a State or Territory authority, and any approved waters used for the daily transit to and from the aquaculture lease for operation under this exemption;

o any waters within 250 metres of a structure fixed to the shore

o sheltered waters within 2nm from the coast.

5. Tow persons only in the following area and situation:

o any waters that are waterski areas approved by a State or Territory authority, with or without passengers; and

o the vessel has propulsion power, for an inboard and outboard engine, <500kW.

Qualifying Sea Time

  • There is no sea time requirement for this qualification